Our designs and fabrications will keep you looking stylish no matter the season.

The wear and care of the clothing you purchase can have an environmental impact - from the energy required for heating and drying, to microfibres and chemicals polluting waterways from washing.

By paying some extra attention to how you wash and care for your favourite Witchery pieces, can not only help to extend their wearability and lifespan, but can address some of the environmental impacts from wear and care, too.

We strive to empower you with knowledge that can help you to prolong the life of your Witchery garments. Each item has a care label with unique and tailored instructions that we advise you follow.

General Tips

Read our general tips on how to care for your favourite pieces and address some of the environmental impacts that can come from washing your clothes:

Wash Less:

To prolong garment life, wash your garments less, and refresh by airing until washing is required. When needed, wash your pieces with a full load to reduce consumption of water and detergent.

Keep it Cool:

A cold machine wash means the water isn’t heated, which cuts down energy consumption and can help to address the climate impact of caring for your clothes.

Avoid Dryers:

Natural drying is electricity free, which saves energy and can help to address the climate impact of caring for your clothes. Lay flat to dry or hang to dry, instead of using a clothes dryer.

Dry Cleaning:

Traditionally, dry cleaners use a chemical solution that is unsafe for human and environmental health. However, dry cleaning when recommended is crucial to maintain the quality of your garment and can help to extend its lifespan. When needed, look for a dry cleaner that uses non-toxic dry cleaning solvent.

Fabric Care

Keep your favourite Witchery pieces looking their best – and prolong their life – with the do’s and don’ts in our fabric care guide.