With an eye for sophisticated style, a timeless design philosophy and a spirit that never stands still — we’ll join you at your desk, dinner or day–off with collections that will be forever on your favourites list. We are a daily source of style, inspiration, and sophistication for all women, uniting a love of iconic design with a contemporary view on style. We care about the details — exceptional product quality, premium design and caring for the community around us. We are Witchery.

Our Story

Proudly Australian, Witchery was founded in South Australia in 1970, and from our very beginnings, offered quality fashion for working Australian women. By the late 1980s, the brand direction had evolved, taking on a premium and quality–focused fashion sensibility. Proving that quality–led design can be a part of every day or night, and that confidence comes not just from what you wear, but how you wear it.

It’s a spirit that’s woven into our collections and shared across our community. Our now–iconic White Shirt Campaign. launched in 2018 and has raised over $16 million to date for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, showing the world just what’s possible when we all work together.

We took our 24/7 style to New Zealand and South Africa in 2010 — and two years later became part of the Country Road Group. Each chapter marked a significant milestone, before we reached a truly monumental one in 2020 – 50 Years Of Australian Style — which we commemorated with a signature collection and unforgettable visual campaign.

Today, we’re not slowing down. A source of daily style inspiration, dressing women every day sits at the heart of what we do. Empowering today’s women to express themselves in their own unique way — no matter where their life or their ambitions might take them.

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